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We have goals, purposes, focuses, reasons for being on this world. What’s yours?
This seems like a dramatic question, but really, what’s life without a purpose?
This blog has the intent to create a magic little bubble where we (Riccardo and I) can create our own Wonderland. So come with us in this magic trip towards the hills of fashion, the river of wine tasting, the flowers of style, the wind of healthy leaving, all in the intriguing land of Lifestyle at its best! We are thrilled you are willing to take this journey with us, so sit tight and enjoy!



Who is PlastikFlair?

Anna: Half brazilian half italian this little blonde girl of 25 years has lived around the world, speaks five languages and has a degree in public relations. But her true goal? To become a real actress. Experienced in theatre and short movies Anna is trying her best to become one day a successful actress.



Riccardo: Just italian (and proud of that), this ambitious brunet has a degree in some nuclear stuff (whatever..), he is sommelier and passionate about every kind of sport, violent preferably. Life lover, but most of all style lover, he has been living between Milan, London and Paris, where he’s currently working.


He will often ask you something like:

“What do you think about this look guys??”

but also……

“what would you DRINK wearing this outfit?”

I like to make connections between things I like, for example I love sports and  I always try to look  stylish while working out, but every sport needs his uniform, and so does WINE in my opinion! When I open my closet and I think “what am I going to wear today?”, I make the same kind of reasoning when I am picking the wine at restaurant.

CLOSET: “I want to look fresh, not too serious.. but I want to inspire respect at the same time and have dandy touch” – good, let’s build the outifit.

WINE LIST: “I want something not too dry, pretty strong acidity and sparkling” –  you maybe don’t know the correct vocabulary (neither do I sometimes, even if I’ve been studying this subject for years), but I’m sure you know the sensations in your mouth and you pick what you feel like, knowing wine features.

My purpose is to create a link between the 2 worlds of fashion and wine and so I am going to match a wine to the outfit.

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